The Elder Guardian is a new hostile underwater boss mob introduced in Minecraft 1.8 it is a larger version of the guardian that also spawns inside of the new underwater dungeons/temple also introduced in Minecraft 1.8. This boss will be spawned three times in one dungeon/temple. This mob will also give mining fatique III to prevent players to mine through the dungeon/temple walls. When it attacks you it will generate a beam that will target players and squid until they are out of range or dead.

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They can be found in every underwater dungeon/temple and spawns only three times per dungeon/temple.

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Health Points: 80 Full Hearts

Attack Strength: (Easy) 2 1/2 Full Hearts

Attack Strength: (Medium) 4 Full Hearts

Attack Strength: (Hard) 6 Full Hearts

Can Be Breaded: No

Flameable: Yes

First Appeared: 1.8

Drops: Raw Fish (0-1) Prismarine Crystals (0-1) Prismarine Shard (0-2) Wet Sponge (When Killed By Player)

Rare Drops: Clownfish, Pufferfish, Raw Fish, Raw Salmon